Talking to the moon.

I don't know.. Maybe I don't really love you.. Maybe the thought of being replaced simply scares the hell out of me. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Is that true? 
Take one example: Heartbreak. Yeah there's a high chance you may survive but does it make you any stronger? Not necessarily. At some points it may, but for me, heartbreak is the worst pain one could ever suffer. It's not always shown openly but for those who has had their heart broken, the pain might last long enough to stop them from opening themselves to others. Personally, a heartbreak has left me full of guilt. There was a time when I found myself pondering about what have I done wrong, and how big those mistakes are that I deserve to be left alone. The questions went on and on and on in my head (they still do, by the way) and yeah, they are all left unanswered. Sometimes I'd like to make up the answers on my own, you know, the ones like: "Nah, he just doesn't love you anymore. Well, maybe he never did."  or "Maybe he's just scared, insecure and doesn't know what to do." But my favorite version has always been: "Who cares why! The past is the past. Let it be."
Now, the big question is, can we?
Life is not fair, I know that, but even if we have moved on with our life and probably met somebody new, is it really possible to completely forget? Hello, the sentence"I'm leaving you" is the other way of saying "You are not good enough", and if you are told that you are not good enough, or you don't deserve that someone, do you think you can simply reply "Well, screw you", walk away with a smile and wake up with a new heart the next day? 
I don't know...
But for now, "What doesn't kill you makes you wish it did" sounds more rational to me.

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