nothing to lose.

What do we do after running away from people we love and realizing that they don't chase us back? We continue running -even when we couldn't really see the road for our sight are blurred with tears. We continue running, and hoping, that those people at the end of the road are willing to catch us. 
I guess leaving your "dream" behind has its price. You will either spend the rest of your life wondering "what if you've stayed", or better, you will thank yourself for being brave enough to let go of the people who hurt you and perhaps, if you are lucky enough, you will find your happily ever after. 
Again, we will never know, whether the next people we meet will hurt us or please us, but it's not the point, is it? I've learned that second thoughts are good but sometimes doing something spontaneously and whole-heartedly is far better than wasting your time being pessimistic, wondering when will people stop being good to you and finally show off their flaws and well, hurt you. 
Truth is, everyone's going to hurt you at some point. And what do we do? We search for those people who are worth the pain.

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