life as we know it.

When about to do things in life, we tend to search for the perfect reasoning behind, weigh the chances up and hope things go according to our initial plans. But life's a little unpredictable most of the time, as we continue living our life as normal as it could be, things begin to change, and rationally, as we realize, we would stop to analyse and most of the times, to be surprised of how things don't go according to our plans. It may sometimes confuse or even break our hearts, as in realizing how life can easily betray us. But what I'd like to believe in is that change is inevitable and it doesn't always go in our favor. My mom always says something like "People can make a plan, but only heaven knows what is certain" whenever things go wrong, and it kinda hits me now that she is right in every way. 
Some people could be the reason behind us doing something, it could be in the form of a promise for example; and what is heartbreaking here is that sometimes, people that we promised to won't necessarily be there to see it happen.
We do things in hopes of changing something in life. Change for the better, they said. But once in a while, we end up being the ones that are changed the most.

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