another way of looking at things.


Me: (looking at a friend who's just got warned by the disciplinary teacher for his weird piercings) "Why would he do that? Piercing all over his body, I mean. He obviously doesn't love his own body."
Her: "I think he loves his body too much, he wants to make them look good."

It was a long time ago, but this conversation just randomly popped into my head. A conversation I had with one of my best friends that believe it or not, made me think hard. Maybe she's right, sometimes love makes us do crazy things that perhaps nobody around us could understand, and most of the times people will even let us down by putting negative judgement on us. Not that we care, but I think our society is screwed up. We don't accept eccentricity and as far as the reality is concerned, our idea of perfection is clouded by materialism and well, people's opinion. The truth is however, the idea of perfection is relative. For some people, perfection means having the power to control people, being a leader for example. For some, spending days with their love ones could be their idea of perfection. Some people would also believe that happiness or perfection would come when they achieve or possess certain things, which most of the times, are materialistic things. I used to be one of them you know, the one who would say "I will be happy when I have him by my side". But I was wrong for I didn't look at the bigger picture. Actually, it's up to us to see perfection in any ways, but what's important here is to be thankful for whatever we have and what is given to us, not only because some people in this world would literally kill to have what we do have, but it is also important to know how weak the concept of forever is and to come into realization that one day, when we have finally achieved all of those things we wanted so badly to have and just started to celebrate and to actually appreciate, things will change and ready or not, all of this will be taken away. So, appreciate what you have now and don't forget to enjoy the process of finding your own perfection.

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