"An insatiable urge to write"

Writing -and blogging, in particular- plays an essential role in my life since 3 years ago, so essential that sometimes I would sit in front of my laptop for-ever just to try coming out with some words and yeah, mostly to be disappointed by the fact that not a word came out. I would sometimes stare at the blank page, wanting so much to pour my heart out (well you see, the urge to write is there) but still, nothing came out. 
Back then when I first started blogging, I used writing as my way to train myself. It gives me chance to brainstorm and my -then-dream was to be a part of this whole blogging community, and to be a writer one day maybe? I would usually write about my daily life and sometimes I would write about people who inspires me. I'm not the kind of "blogger" who post on daily basis because sometimes I would pass my day without anything extraordinary. There was also some points in my life when I "abandoned" my blog because there really was nothing to blog about. Long story short, I took writing for granted.
It was during the lowest point in my life that I realize the importance of writing. 
When I could not sleep because millions of thoughts about a thing came into my mind, I would reach for my laptop, log in to my blog, and start writing. So I guess you would understand now how important this blogging thing is to me, wouldn't you? 
Blogging for me is like a sanctuary. It's the place I would visit when I'm searching for my own emotional peace. Sounds religious, I know. But it really is. Sometimes, I would trace back my previous posts to learn how my life slowly changes. For now, blogging means more to me like an escape door. Not to literally escape the real world, but it gives me chance to sit and look at my life differently.
Even though I don't visit my blog often, I am glad that I always find my way back to it.

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