hello again.

know it is way too long since I last posted anything on this blog. Truth is, I didn't even remember I HAVE a blog. I know,right? Well no, actually it's always there in my browser's Top Sites but I just didn't bother to click on it for some strange reasons. You know I have always been a so-called "hopeless romantic" blogger who wrote some heart-wrenching stories about my life and heartbreaks and stuff, and it's true that I've always find it easier to write when I was going through those things (if you know what I mean).  Writing, as I have probably blogged about before, had been my sanctuary, a place where I can release all my thoughts without having to tell the story face to face and having to deal with the response people might make if say, I cry or sob while telling it. But don't get me wrong, it's not that I am anti-social or whatever, but sometimes I tend to summarize the story when I say it, so I think writing it down is much better for details sake. 
And well, for the past 10 months I can say that I have "grown up" quite a lot, resulting in me involving less dramatic emotion in my decision making hence making my life boring enough to not blog it out. Get some lose some. Though I can't honestly tell which one I want the most, my writing inspiration which means letting myself go crazy with all the dramas or my stable "uninspirational" life. Meh.
But I'm getting happier now, which is a  good thing, right? So what I'm trying to say here is that I'm not sure if this blog is gonna be frequently updated but I hope I will.
Until next post ,take care :)