don't ever look back.

hearts break all the time. it’s a fact of life, so move on. one day you’ll look back at this moment in time where someone’s fingers have been so utterly and hopelessly wrapped around your heart — and you’ll laugh. maybe there will be a tinge of regret, bittersweet on the calloused edges of your fingertips. but you’ll realise that no, you can live without certain people and that while time doesn’t perfectly heal all wounds, it does try its best to sew close those open gaping abrasions that were once like black holes in trying to entrap you forever. and perhaps that’s all a person needs to gain closure; shut one door and walk right into the arms of another. whether these arms embrace you warmly or push you away, whether the door slams shut right in your face or beckons you in, you’ll never know. but you can try. it’ll be a long, arduous process of loving and rejection and hurting and bruising and all the stolen smiles in-between before you finally settle. and even when you settle, nobody can promise you sunshine all the time, or a perfect breakfast with your eggs done just the way you like it every day. but you’re content, and contentment is even better than happiness, joy or any of those fleeting emotions that never last.

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