moving on.

You find yourself in a car driving fast on a freeway leaving your hometown behind, you are driving alone to an unknown place, but you know for sure you have to go. Of course, it feels like a major part of you is there in your hometown and so you can't stop looking at the rear view mirror. You see the crowded city, the tall building, then you see them slowly fade away, but still, you can't take your eyes off of it because you keep thinking of how comfortable and good it was when you were there. And perhaps, you regret having to leave so you try your best to take a mental picture of your home for the last time, and just when you are about to turn to the windshield, you see another car just in front of you slowing down, so you panic and crash into a guardrail. 
Few months later, there you are, gaining your strength and it seems like you have overcome your trauma of driving. So you find yourself driving again in a new car, with a rear view mirror of course, but now that you have learned your lesson the hard way, you don't seem to be much bothered by what's behind you, yeah you may look back once in a while, but you realize that you've done your best, you've tried, and maybe you've lost but everyone's moving on and the world is waiting for no one. Then you turn up the radio just a little higher so that you can sing along to your favorite songs and believe it or not, now you start to enjoy the front view.

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