This may sound completely bias.

My friends used to ask me why I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter account, and most of the times, I would simply respond by telling them how those social networks bore me -which to some extent, they really do. But it sounds a little too cliché, isn't it? I mean, I used to update my status and post new photos frequently and then out of the blue, I decided  to deactivate my account only because I'm bored. And I really thought it was the main reason, too, but truth is, I started to get this uneasy feeling whenever I see or read "informations" I generally don't care or worse, don't want to know about. You know that saying: what you don't know won't hurt you? yeah, I think I know what it means now. For me, it's better to know nothing rather than to end up being hurt knowing something. Well, I don't know, maybe this is just my insecurity talking, but I think life is all about choosing what is good and what makes us happy. Besides, rather than spending ample time worrying about unnecessary stuffs, I think people should surround themselves with positive things, and for me, those social networks have become too "open" that I choose not to involve in them, because after all life's too short to be anything but happy, right?
But then again, this could be just another distorted opinion coming from my insecurity.
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  1. Hi novi :)

    I have a teddy exactly like the one in the picture !

    miss u a lot, we shall meet up once i'm back to KL yea ~