little piece of heaven.

Soon, you will forget all those things and people that became the reasons of why you do certain things. You just know you did, and you know for certain that whether it made you feel happy or left you with a tinge of regret, the things you did in the past shaped you into who you are now. And who you are now is what matter the most. So thank the people from your past, for giving you sweet memories to be recalled during the next not-so-good days, for teaching you the value of time, and for letting you go when the time comes so that you have the chance to meet other great people in the future. 
The best day of my life was not when I had the one I love all to myself.
The best day of my life was when I finally learned that love is not just about a person or how sweet one relationship is. Love is fighting hard for the happiness of the ones you love. It means going through rejections and heartbreaks and still have the hope and courage to love all over again.
The best day of my life was when I learned that letting go is the first step to pursuing happiness.
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