I talk about happiness like I know what it means completely. I write about love, relationships and the term moving on as if I have already gotten the hang of them while in fact, I'm still far. But don't get me wrong. I wrote about being happy because at that moment, I really am happy (or at least I thought I was). I wrote about moving on and not looking back not because I have mastered them. There are still countless times when I find myself looking back, too. I wrote about them solely because I want to remind myself as many times as possible, that if I believe, everything will work out just fine. You see, I'm actually using a trial and error approach here. You know the term: go with the flow? Basically, I let life take me to wherever I belong, and often times, I don't question it. If it changes my perspective, I let it do so. If life brings me up to the state where I feel happy, I appreciate it, and If life throws me back to the ground, I will, at my best, get up and start all over again. Hence as I do that, I learn. That's the whole point. You go with the flow, made bad decisions, screwed up, cried, but you learn. Sometimes you won't learn the lesson in the first time you screw up, sometimes you learn  the lesson the hard way, sometimes you do the same mistakes again and again. That doesn't mean you are a failure. It simply means that you are brave enough to follow your heart, make mistakes and learn from them.

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