True colors.

Life is not fair. Sometimes you do something good for people and you wish people would do something for you in return but they don't, sometimes you try your best at something and receive no rewards in return and most of the times, all you could do is fake a smile and pretend nothing's wrong because there really isn't. Every now and then, you can only seal those feelings in a box under your bed because really, there's no point in bringing them up for the responses might hurt you even more. Eventually, it will be easier that way because you are sick and tired of pleasing other people and you kinda created a defense mechanism for yourself. "Some things are better left unsaid" you would say. And once in a while, you can only wish someone is caring enough to peep in that box and offer you a hug you never thought you needed. 

"I'm not going to spend my life chasing people. You want to leave? Fine. Go ahead. Because I'm done chasing and caring for people who never had interest in me. Nothing lasts and people change. I've learned love is hard and life isn't always what you want it to be." source

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