"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day"

It feels like just yesterday, when my routine could be stated precisely as: waking up early, getting myself stuck in a long line of cars waiting to enter the highway, facing (an imaginably huge) pile of tasks to be done with only a cup of coffee to entertain, and having to repeat the same thing over and over again for almost 2 months. 
That was perhaps couple of months ago, when I was too foolish to work as intern in an e-commerce company here in KL. Anyway, it doesn't end up good and I've moved on, I hope my-then-boss-now-stranger have, too (hihi).
So yeah, it feels like just yesterday, when me and my friend celebrated what I'd like to call: quitting that crappy job by purchasing our tickets home....and It,too feels like just yesterday when I found myself sleeping in my own bed, chit-chatting with grandma, gossiping with friends, and -thank god- seeing a friend smile with my very own eyes, again. 
I remember that time when I was out having dinner with a friend and I couldn't help but taking mental pictures of him. It was as though I'm trying to collect as many moments in this little box inside my brain so that when I leave, I bring with me pieces of him. I swear the thought of that made me smile and yeah, I completely forgot the idea of me letting him go. He is a part of me, and even though there's a high chance of me getting hurt, I'd like to keep it that way. I found out that life is too short to be unhappy.

And life felt good.

Until time interrupted and sadly I have to come back here and create a new routine filled with lecture notes, cups and cups of coffee, catching buses, assignments, and finals. *sigh*. Some of my friends jokingly asked me to cancel my plane and stay for couple of days more, and although I wanted so badly to, I thought to myself: What differences a couple of days can make? I will sooner or later leave this hometown. Sometimes I'd like to think I have an unfinished affair with this city, so life must go on, right? 

This is my final year and I do hope I'll be back in my hometown for good next year.

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