sorry for the gloomy and twisted post.

Don't wanna be hurt that way..
It was hard to see pass all those beautiful lies, hopeless hope, sky-high expectations and fake smiles I thought was real. And trust me, it was harder to admit that those things are unreal. Truth is, I'm afraid to say it out loud. I realized I have been living in my own fantasy for quite sometime. I have been feeding myself those pretty memories, and even though it made me smile, I knew it wouldn't last long. And so I quit. 

I realized that you never really came back for you've made your decision the day you told me it's over, 2 years ago. And what's worse, you are still making the same decision every single day. And so I force myself to wake up from this beautiful dream.

I don't hate you for that, really. People change and feelings fade. But now that I'm awake and empty, what do I do next?

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