Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems,
Better put 'em in quotations
Say what you need to say...
I like your voice. I like the sound of you laughing and making strange noises (you know, the one you called singing). I even like your pissed off voice when you were cursing those other drivers on the road. In fact I love you for that. For being real, I mean. You have been preoccupying my mind for quite sometime now. I am too afraid to admit this to you for my fear of rejection, but I guess you won't read this so yeah, It's still you.
I am metaphorically standing on the line between holding on and giving you up. That's the thing, you see.. I'm too scared to bring this topic up whenever I'm talking to you, but it's true that..I want to know how you feel about me. Is it love? or It's just some petty crush?
When I think of you, I think of beautiful flowers, colorful balloons flying up in the sky, pretty cakes, confetti, fireworks, concerts, and weddings. 
I was secretly paying attention at your expressions, whenever you were telling me stories while driving -and even when you were reading your favorite serial comics in the bookstore. You might not realize this but when I tell jokes and you laugh, my heart smiles. You might not realize this, too.. but when I see you smile and I know I'm not the reason behind it, I die a little inside.
So that's it, my confession. The thing I need to say to you but haven't had guts to.
....You'd better know that in the end
Its better to say too much
Than never to say what you need to say again.

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