Take a deep breath and walk away.

This post is dedicated to the ones that's left.
I am now letting all of you go.., not only physically, but I, with all my common sense and no intention of declaring a war or whatnot, have decided to let go. I'd like to genuinely thank you, though, for helping me realize that nothing lasts forever and that whatever happens is whatever it is. I've also learned that there is no use dwelling on the past nor there is any use of living in it. I've realized that letting go is also a part of showing someone you love them and that you want them to be happy because feelings fade and we can do nothing except accepting it as it is. I don't know how long this "process" will last but I believe time heals all the wounds and eventually, everything will fall into the right place. Thus, I will continue living the present and you will, too. I will smile again and you will, too. At last, I will try loving again and you will, too. 
"Thanks for the roller coaster ride. I hope you have a smooth one out there."
The one you leave behind.

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