Too much information

I think and I think and I think. I analyze all the possibilities and consequences. For one minute I can be very optimistic and full of hope, but the next minutes are about worst case scenarios and bam, I'm back to being vulnerable once again. This thing we called thinking, the one we can't really help but to go with it, sometimes makes me wonder..will it make any difference? Sometimes I think to myself, what's the point in holding on when the rest of the world is moving forward. Sometimes I wonder about the possibility that something better came and I missed it. Sometimes I would tell my brain to stop. Just stop and don't think of anything, anything about him. Most of the time I lose for he is everywhere, -even in my dreams.
And the fact that all of these thoughts came to me like a flood of sandy and pungent -but somehow addictive-feelings which makes me travel back and forth between what I know for sure and what I hope to be true, is just too much. You are like a cup of warm coffee to my lethargic morning, a cold lemonade to my dehydrated throat. I want you. You don't want me to want you. See the point now?
I. can't. get. enough. of. you.

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