People, they make mistakes.

A: "Hey, what's with your display pictures lately?"
B: "eh? Nothing. Why?"
A: "Just wondering because most of them are sad, heart wrenching stuffs. 
     You know you can always tell me anything right?"
B: "Yeah, but nothing really. It's just that I'm heartless now.. Hahahaha"
A: "Are you really laughing or you pretend you are laughing? I'm good at that too, you know."
B: "I'm pretending I pretend laughing"
A: "Right. Hahah"

Did it ever occur to you that those who are the hardest to love, the ones who you think least deserve any chance to be loved just because they screw things up too many times, might be the ones who need it the most?
I'd like to believe in that, you know.

"She loves him more than he will ever know. He loves her more than he will ever show"

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