what a messy world we live in

Somewhere between all my chaotic-not to mention mind-numbing-schedule and tumblr, I found myself constantly losing a part of me piece by piece. A part that I don't want to give up, but I did anyway. A part I called my private space, where I can freely transform all my thoughts into words and my amateur photos (now that I don't own a facebook account).That's when blogger came into my mind. And I thought,man I miss blogging!
So here it is, my first post. Well, I can't guarantee you a sh*t load of posts coming up though, given that (hate to admit this) tumblr made me lose my appetite for writing because really, it is easier to reblog people's thought (that amazingly fit yours at that point of time) rather than 'troubling' your mind into writing down one. Well truth is -with my limited English vocabulary and all- I just don't like the idea of my own post "appearing" at random people's dashboard, the one who initially doesn't want to read my post. Also, please bear in mind (especially for those who have been following my love life stories) that I will inevitably blog out desperate, gloomy, twisted posts, pictures and whatnot :)

Ps. Don't forget to constantly visit my tumblr though.

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