Living in denial

What happened to you? where did you go? Why didn't you stay? When did it start? Did someone knock you down? Why did you lose faith in yourself? in me? in us? Did someone tell you something bad? something you didn't want to hear? something that changed your perception forever, for the way I see it, you've changed. Someone, at sometime must have done or said something that made you throw  everything away as if you realize for the first time, your whole idea of the universe doesn't make sense. And so you wanna quit, give everything up, turn your back and promise yourself never to look back again.
Or perhaps everything that happens is nothing but a process of growing up, or merely life's little mysteries? But whatever it is, let me tell you something. You may deny it, you may pretend you didn't read this and wear your optimistic attitude, but sometimes, when nobody's around and you are left with tears that keep flowing down simply because you are sick and tired of loneliness, you will think of those days, moments, or dreams which obviously have now become nothing but memories kept safe at the back of your mind, you will wonder why on earth everything is getting more and more complicated. And for the first time in your life, you actually wish you wasn't born.
or is it just me?

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