I build up walls just to see them collide.

I believe there's always a soundtrack for every occasion we are in, be it important occasions like the school prom, a song played during a long drive to the beach, or the ringtones playing in the middle of a tensed conversation. And somehow, when that song is randomly played somewhere, the memory emerges, so real that it feels like you are given a chance to live in that moment again. It could be any sound, any jingle, or any songs playing on the car radio. As for me, Taylor Swift's Stay Beautiful will always remind me of my hometown, me driving pass the line of big old trees near the heart of the busy town. And Michael Buble's Everything (oh I love that song) will always remind me of me and him in the car, on our way to spend our last valentine's day together. Things like this, the beautiful song and memories that it brings along, are the things that I will treasure and cherish for the rest of my days.

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