h e a r t b r e a k

Of course it hurts. It's probably the meanest pain a person could ever bring about. It's like you've granted him/ her a gift, the most precious thing you can ever give to a person; you give him your trust and your heart, and one fine day, he come and tell you he's changed, he no longer feels the same way to you as he did before, he found a better a person, he thinks you are a burden has to focus on other things, he needs a space to think, he can't choose between you and [insert your competitors here] but he chose them anyway, he loves you but he's just not available now, or that you two are simply not meant to be together, so why bother trying?
It hurts, right? Of course you would think you deserve a compensation, or even a reward for doing something so generous like setting him free while all you wanted was to keep him by your side forever. But no, nothing happened, and perhaps nothing ever will.  The world don't stop to console you, heck there's even no space for you to take a breath, -not even a single consoling pat on your shoulder. What's worse, you are expected to survive and 'cure' yourself. They would say: "It's just a heartbreak, you'll get over it", but they don't tell you how long it will take, do they? 
Yeah it hurts, it feels like the end of the your world, and you'd probably think you should be titled a hero for putting up with a feeling so painful that your fragile and already cracked heart could shatter anytime soon. But think again.The world's cruel. Look at the bigger picture, everyone at some point has had it before. What then makes you the exception?

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