earliest human memory

I received this question quite a while ago from tumblr but I kinda ignored it as I couldn't really recall what my earliest human memory was. Well, couple of snapshots came into my mind but I think my earliest human memory was that when I was a little, I used to fall asleep in my parent's bed while watching TV. I remember I used to fall asleep holding my mom's hand near my face because she used to apply something that smells like a tea tree oil on her palm, which I find very soothing. And when it's time for them to sleep, my dad, instead of waking me up, would always carry me to my own room and tuck me in bed. They said things you remember the most are things that is close to your heart, and my dad, he was not the kind of person that always finds time to tuck his children in bed, said I love you and kiss them good night so as a kid, the kind of affection I would look forward to was knowing that he voluntarily carries me into my bedroom almost every night. and that's all I can really recall. 

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