Stating the obvious fact

My life has been in pretty much a rush lately. I feel like I'm walking in a fast moving track, you know, the kind that keep moving fast forward even when you've stop running. Time flies, and I think a good number of people would agree with me on that, but right now, staring blankly at the dusty pile of books, a wooden board filled with photos, movies and concert tickets and notes hanging tightly on the wall, I could still think of the day I say goodbye to my parents before I head back to the apartment all by myself. I could still recall the day when I think that was it, the doomsday, and God knows it felt awful. But today, only three weeks away from the commencement of my final year's exam, I felt a little repulsive jolt in my chest and like a grumpy old woman, I would moan that time flies too fast!
Unlike some of my friends, I am completely clueless about where I'm heading to after the graduation.Working life has marked a rather pessimistic and traumatic impression on me, judging from my past internship experience. Well, getting a postgraduate degree would be an option worth considering, but I don't know, maybe I would get a photography lesson and end up being a photographer. Well, who knows?
  or maybe, just maybe I'll study spoken word poetry instead :p

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