"I'll love you when you wake up on the other side."

I treasure this video as watching it brings me back to those days when these kind of cheesy romantic acts of love matter a lot to me. It feels kind of amazing, knowing that now, I feel somewhat different, as in when I'm watching it, I don't desperately hope that someone would do the same thing to me or confess his love in a creative and breathtaking way as what they usually portray in movies like I would few years ago.
love is a funny thing, you know.
it once gave you a heartwarming, beautifully odd and crazy feeling but somehow, somewhere and sometimes turns out to be the greatest feeling in the world, and when it leaves, you think it's the worst feeling that you wished you have never felt that in the first place. But really, is that so? 
I'd like to believe that love doesn't really leave. It merely changes form, or should I say, our perspectives towards love change as we grow up. Sometimes, on not-so-good days, I'd hear myself think that maybe life's better without love and all the dramas that it brings, so I ran away. But I came into a bitter realization that I had been running in a full circle, because eventually, I will end up in the very first place all over again, being in love.
Love that once makes me act foolish: smile to the phone as I received cheesy but sweet texts, silly poses at photo booths, holding hands wherever we go, and celebrating anniversaries (or monthiversaries) now changes it's form to a more "grown-up" ways, you know, the one that doesn't need the other half near you to know that it is love, and I believe, all the act that can only be understood if you know what unconditional love means.
and sometimes if I'm optimistic enough, I'd think love as the only thing saving me from all the bad things and feelings in the world.

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