If I should quote..

Do you know when you need to compartmentalize your life?  When you forgot the last time you travel somewhere other than for business.  When you never leave the office earlier than 8.  When it’s been two years since the last time you take a long leave of absence.  When all of your relationships went down the drain.  When you don’t even have the time to learn to drive.  When you forgot the last time you went on a real date. When you shop more than ever, justifying it by saying shopping is a therapy.  When you have time for everyone but yourself.  When the last thing that you did before you go to sleep is going through next day’s meeting in your head instead of messaging or calling your loved ones.  When the only private time you have is plugging your ears with headphones, listening to iPod as you close your eyes on the way to and from work everyday.  When the only time you’re home is when you sleep and take a bath.  When your friend said: “SMS yang nggak penting itu belum tentu berasal dari orang yang nggak penting juga,” and your respond is: “Yeah, whatever.”  And when Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada said to Andy: “You know you must be doing really well at work when your personal life crumbles,” you thought to yourself: “So my big promotion must be coming up really soon.”
Indeed, Ika Natassa.

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