sunday morning.

Trust me, I have been wanting to write something -anything out of my system- on this blog but I guess I've been kind of uninspired lately. Anyway, I found out that cindymonica tagged me on this blog award (thanks!!) and then I am supposed to write 10 things about myself. Well the problem why writing this post is taking so long is that I thought I know everything about myself, I thought writing 10 things wouldn't be a problem, you know.. but really, it took me a while and a whole lot of reflecting back to finally realize that I don't know anything deep about myself. I'm confused about which things or decisions I made that would perfectly describe who I really am, and I guess this really gives me the so-called epiphany of how ignorant I am about myself. So anyway, here goes the list of 10 things I know about myself:
1. I have tried ice skating and disco skating and...failed miserably.
2. My ideal date would be staying at home watching some action movies with home cooked or delivery foods.
3. I am not a very sociable person. In fact, sometimes I am concerned about my propensity of being comfortable alone. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't enjoy it, if anything, being alone so far has given me nothing but more time to reflect.
4. Speaking of loneliness, sometimes my bitter self would believe that it's better to be alone because then I would have nothing/no one to lose.
5. I have ignored a person trying to talk to me by faking a phone call.
6. I've learned that the "getting in touch" doesn't really work out in a friendship or relationship unless we are best friends or we really have things to discuss about. Other than that, I think distance does matter.
7. My daily routine now consists pretty much of sleeping, working, and eating.
8. My all-time favorite song is Maroon 5's Sunday Morning. The music and lyrics are just so perfect.
9. I am rather cynical when it comes to reading books/novels. I dislike reading those novels with predictable story lines, but I'm impressed with the growing number of talented Indonesian writers nowadays.
10 It's safe to say that Ika Natassa's Divortiare is one of my most prized possessions, and it just amazes me how I could relate to different things every time I read that book.

And here goes the 5 blogs I'm tagging in no order whatsoever:
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Looking forward to knowing more about you!

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