watch me as I whine.

I have always been a sucker for good old memories. You know that feeling when you see something that reminds you of the past? Sometimes when it comes, I could not help but let those feelings in and take over my mind. I think about how I have changed for the past few critical years of my life. The thing is, as I grow "older", those kind of memories and feelings become more and more surreal to me. I know at the back of my mind that those things happened somewhere in the past but there was a point when I actually questioned the existence of those things, you know. Did it actually happen? or was it a dream? 
Maybe it's safe to say now that I have turned into a bitter person. I expect less from people around me, and I came into conclusion that not everyone has to be nice to me. It's me being pathetic, skeptical, or merely giving a self-pity, you name it, but hey, maybe it's me growing up. Maybe people don't really change, you know.. Maybe sometimes we ignore that tiny little part of them that doesn't fit our criteria. We believe what we want to believe, remember? We cling to the piece that we embrace the most, ignoring the other tiny little pieces that we don't want to know. And when those tiny little pieces grow into a huge pile problem, we blame them for changing. Maybe it's part of our defense mechanism, I don't know.. but we can't blame people for showing who they really are, can we?

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