you and I

Maybe. I don't know why but I like this word. I think the word Maybe is a very graceful way of answering something we are unsure about. More than that, I think saying Maybe is a very bold thing to do as it takes courage to stand in between yes or no, like the way it is to choose grey instead of just black or white. I do think people should use maybe more often because the world has turned into a place full of uncertainties, and a simple yes or no isn't enough. Yeah, for me the world's complicated like that and Maybe has the power to let my mind wander around my wildest thoughts, to the places where yes or no knows nothing about. It is ironic, to think about, the fact that a single word like Maybe has a way of making me feel less guilty and hopeless about myself, as if saying Maybe gives me the rights to be optimistic. The world's getting crazier and you know, sometimes I think being in the uncertain state is one of the ways to be happy. I don't know, maybe it's just me (see? I'm using maybe again) but in a very strange way I began to believe that maybe this is where the beauty of the world lies, in the strangest of places, in that state of not knowing which way to go, in that moment of standing for nothing and feels okay about it, in that split second after saying 'who knows?', and all in all, in living with uncertainties yet having the courage to hope.

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